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Press Release Date: April 2, 2011
Good through July 31, 2011
Interviews regarding this event are gratefully given.
History House of Greater Seattle
790 N. 34th St., Seattle, WA 98103

John Nordstrand or Eric Waggoner
206 675-8875
Fax: 206 675-1875
John's email:
Eric's email: ebwags@gmail.com
web: www.historyhouse.org

2011 Music in the Sculpture Garden: A Summer Concert Series
- 7th Season -

Some of Puget Sound's best acoustic musicians once again join with
History House of Greater Seattle to create
"Music in the Sculpture Garden" a summer concert series.
Free and Open-to-the-Public
Every Sunday, 2-4pm, June 5 through July 31, 2010
(except July 3rd the weekend of the July 4th holiday)
Plus a Special Saturday, June 18th Solstice Concert
In our covered outdoor Sculpture Garden.

- A John Nordstrand Production -

     History House of Greater Seattle is pleased to announce that it will once again host a free and open-to-the public summer music series in its covered, outdoor Sculpture Garden. This is our 7th season. Developed in association with Producer John Nordstrand, the program will include some of Puget Sound's best acoustic musicians. These singles, duos, trios and more along with the unpredictable and semi-spontaneous addition of friends will perform an eclectic repertoire of genres ranging from original to traditional folk to new age to maritime chanteys to logging to Celtic and Irish to international to blues to ragtime to jug to bluegrass to just plain zany.

     This is a collaborative effort. John Nordstrand has assembled for History House a wonderful mixture of over 30 musical artists who will provide entertaining, often humorous and thought provoking performances. Scheduled musicians include THE Other Band / Hounds@Bay / Silver Lining / Larry and Lynette / Down the Road / Eric Miller / Kayser-Beck Band / Burgundy Pearl / Larry Johnson / The RooTsters / Steve Beck & Friends / Matt Price / Alicia Healey / Boys of Greenwood Glen / The Killdeers / Michael Guthrie / Ray Boyce / Watch The Sky / Joe Wagner and more. They will present their work in the warm, family atmosphere of History House's covered outdoor Sculpture Garden.

     A special “Victory Music Day in the Sculpture Garden” will occur Saturday, June 18th. This concert featuring four bands presented by the Victory Music organization which will perform before (10am-noon) and after (2-4pm) the famous Fremont Solstice Parade which will pass in front of the History House Sculpture Garden.

     The History House Sculpture Garden - nestled inside a robust floral and foliage green space - includes an original 6 foot X 12 foot chunk of "The Berlin Wall", a "Fire Engine", "Willy"- a flying 15 foot model orca whale, "The Safe" - discovered beneath the Dubliner Tavern, a 12 foot "Rollin' Troll" and "The Gears" from the Fremont Bridge. All of these items and more surround the stage that is the pedestal for the Music in the Sculpture Garden music series.

These events are open-to-the-public and free of charge.

    The Music in the Sculpture Garden music series is sponsored in part by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and the Fremont community.

     History House of Greater Seattle is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. It is supported by the Burke Foundation, Grants from the City of Seattle, the 4Culture King County Lodging Tax and tax-deductible donations from the public.

Link to 2011 Musicians Roster

For more information
, contact us by phone, email, US Mail or Facebook.

·         Operations Director John Nordstrand - 206 675-8875  john@historyhouse.org

·         Address: History House of Greater Seattle, 790 N. 34th Street, Seattle WA 98103


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History House of Greater Seattle

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