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          History House of Greater Seattle Presents
                      A John Nordstrand Production

Music in the Sculpture Garden
               A Summer Concert Series

                   Every Sunday, 2-4pm
               June through July  

June 13, Sun 2-4pm
Larry & Lynette / Percy Hilo & Friends

Larry & Lynette
Poignant Love Songs, Sweet Harmonies and Blues

"At our best, on a good night, its simple stuff done well, that'll make ya smooth down your chicken skin. Whether yours are rough or butter soft hands, there's nothin' that pleases us like a surprising chill from a warm memory."

Musician's Website
Larry & Lynette - www.myspace.com/larryandlynette


Larry & Lynette


  • Larry & Lynette
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  • Larry & Lynette
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Lynette Hensley
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Photo Courtesy Nancy Nordstrand


Brad Warren
Percy Hilo & Friends


Percy Hilo has been a songwriter/singer/song collector/folklorist in the Northwest for over 30 years. He has performed at coffeehouses, festivals and many worthwhile benefits and community events. His original songs in American Folk stylings have been published over 30 times and sung 'round-the-world. He believes in sing-a-long, tempering social concern with humor. History House will be a perfect setting for Percy's Community feel.



  • Percy Hilo & Friends
  • Percy Hilo
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  • Percy Hilo & Friends
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Percy Hilo
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Photo Courtesy Nancy Nordstrand

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